Endpoints Protected Everywhere

Your users’ laptops are protected both on and off your network.

Global Threat Intelligence

Every connection is validated through Cisco’s real-time threat monitoring network.

Extensive Activity Reports

Fully-featured web UI provides detailed reports on your users’ activity.

Cisco Umbrella is an innovative cloud-based Secure Internet Gateway, that allows you protect individual computers and entire networks, without installing any new hardware.

  • DNS lookups are inspected by Cisco’s global threat network (TALOS and AMP) and blocked if found to be suspicious or against policy.
  • Optionally inspect & block direct-to-ip requests on Windows and Mac.
  • Continues protecting when users are active away from the office.
  • Most routers, access-points etc can be configured to direct DNS lookups to Umbrella.
  • Intelligent Proxy avoids checking your internal DNS lookups.
  • Prevent infected machines from making callbacks to malicious C&C servers.
  • Cisco’s threat intelligence network proactively blocks access to IPs and domains associated with previous attacks.
  • Range of packages available for both large & small enterprises.

Cisco Umbrella provides you with a web-based UI for configuring your policies, reporting on user activities and analysing threat activity. Its features include:

  • Hosted on the Cisco cloud, accessible anywhere.
  • Link to Active Directory to enable reporting by user and group.
  • Set policies for users, groups and locations, covering the level of blocking and the acceptable list of destinations.
  • Granular reporting on the level of blocked requests, and destinations blocked.
  • Detailed historical logs of user activity.
  • Identify infected machines based on the pattern of requests they make.
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