User Security

Rapidly identify unusual activity patterns amongst your users, using the power of machine learning.

Data Security

Data loss prevention (DLP) technology continuously monitors cloud environments to detect and secure sensitive information.

App Security

The Cloudlock Apps Firewall discovers and controls cloud apps connected to your corporate environment.

PlanNet21 can help extend your security coverage deep into the cloud, with CloudLock.

  • Cisco Cloudlock is a SaaS solution that requires no on-premise infrastructure.
  • Get up & running in minutes.
  • Centralised dashboard allows you set policies, monitor activity, investigate events and assess risks.
  • Cloudlock makes extensive use of machine-learning and crowd-sourced analysis from your peer enterprises.
  • Provides apis to enable integration with 3rd party event tracking solutions.
  • Monitor actions involving your precious data, both while at rest and in transit.
  • Cloudlock’s data-monitoring integrates with several popular public cloud apps.
  • Detect unusual downloads, or unusual download patterns.
  • Detect data-traffic from unusual geographical locations.
  • Set policies for automatic remediation actions, if certain events occur.
  • Cloud apps installed by your users are a security headache for cloud-based systems. Cloudlock allows you to control them.
  • You benefit from more than 4,000 app profiles known to Cloudlock.
  • Avoid problems caused by apps that fool your users into revealing credentials, or granting privileges.
  • Identify risky apps your users have installed.
  • Identify users with the riskiest apps.
  • See how your peers rate apps you don’t recognise.
  • Policy-driven blocking of apps for individual users, or groups of users.
  • Each user’s baseline cloud activity is calculated. Alerts are raised if activity patterns beyond the baseline occur.
  • Set policies on the level of change required to cause an alert.
  • Detect if user activity occurs from geographically unusual sources.
  • Detect unusual login patterns
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