Any Application, Anywhere

Let your applications see the data centre as one big resource pool.

Quick Deployment

Provision & deploy complex new applications in a fraction of the usual time.

Automate Provisioning

Automatically apply policy profiles across the entire data-centre infrastructure.

Benefits of Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

  • Agile, application-aware infrastructure.
  • Application policy profiles provision the entire infrastructure.
  • Tighter integration between virtual, physical and cloud elements.
  • Securely support multi-tenant scenarios.
  • Fabric-based migration path for existing architectures.
  • Monitor application health as a whole, across the entire DC.
  • Cisco Nexus 9000 switches offer upgrade path from NX-OS to ACI.

Cisco APIC (Application Policy Infrastructure Controller)

  • Central appliance that controls the ACI environment.
  • Handles automation, management, policy enforcement & health monitoring.
  • Supports high-availability via multiple redundant appliances.
  • Exposes XML & JSON api for integration with other systems & automation.

Cisco AVS (Application Virtual Switch)

  • Hypervisor-resident virtual network switch.
  • Optimises traffic for application services.
  • Handles traffic for both virtual & physical devices.

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